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Looking For New Ways To Streamline And Grow
Your Business?

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If you have an import business, you are probably well aware of the intricacies and challenges of bringing goods to Australia. Profit margins can teeter precariously on the value of the dollar, finance arrangements and a host of other variables.

We can provide you with the edge you need to grow your business and thrive, even in challenging economic times. Our assessment of your business is free of charge. So you lose nothing by applying.

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Hi, I'm Glenn 

Over the years I've had a great deal of experience in importing various goods into Australia. In fact, I based my entire career and several businesses on it.  Along the way my team and I have faced seemingly insurmountable pitfalls in currency management, financing and supply chain management. We survived, we thrived, and now we would like to share our knowledge, experience and strong network of professional partnerships, with businesses that should be winning.  

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Does this describe your situation?

Great product, excellent marketing,
but the bottom line never seems to add up....?

If this sounds like you, if you feel you should be winning, but there's some aspect of your business that's letting down the rest, let's have a talk - we can help.


Whether it's logistical issues, constantly losing money on currency exchanges or sub-par financial arrangements, We will look at ways to leverage my extensive network and strong understanding of the import business, to help you navigate complex market conditions and changing regulations.

  • Your on-tap advisor for international trade arrangements & negotiations

  • Streamlined and efficient logistics to optimise supply chains

  • Support on regulatory compliance

  • Access to highly cost-effective currency conversions

  • Effective risk minimisation strategies

  • Access to financing solutions including letters of credit, trade credit insurance and factoring

  • New perspectives on the optimum business structure for your circumstances

Look at these Specific Benefits Our Clients Receive

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Feature Success Stories 

"Managing the international trade aspects of my business was daunting, especially when it came to currency fluctuations. However, AUIS stepped in as a trusted partner and transformed my approach. With their expertise and cutting-edge solutions, they implemented strategies that minimized currency risks, allowing me to maximize profits and expand my global reach. "

Tony Hansen - House of T

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“I am happy to share my experience working with AUIS. When looking at my finance options, their expertise and dedication were evident. AUIS analyzed my existing processes, identified inefficiencies, and proposed innovative solutions that streamlined my supply chain finance. Their customised solutions  were tailored to my specific needs, enabling me to optimize cash flow and reduce operational costs. 

Libby Perez - Developed In Japan

Elevate Your Business

Transportation and logistic network distribution growth. Container cargo ship and trucks o

Get the ultimate competitive advantage with AUIS

Australian Import Success has the knowledge and experience to ensure that every aspect of your import process is handled efficiently and effectively. With our specialised support, you can focus on your core operations.

Don't waste another day! Get in touch for your free assessment.

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